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Smallest Replica Trophy in the World

Smallest Replica Trophy in the World

This 1.5mm micro sculpture world cup, made from a speck of gold, is surely the smallest replica trophy in the world.

Willard Wigan, 44, spent three weeks working on the 1.5mm bit of 24 carat gold, using a tiny diamond chisel to cut it into the shape of the famous trophy. The result is a stunning work of art so small it can stand on the end of a nail and a microscope is needed to see it in full detail. Previous Willard Wigan micro sculptures have sold for £100,000, but some have ended up lost -- he dropped three of the tiny World Cup sculptures before completing this one.

Stunning, but must be painfully tedious to make one of these. And pricey, especially for something that you could lose in the blink of an eye!

World Cup Replica Trophy

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