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EFL League Cup Replica Trophy

Fun Fact: Liverpool hold the record for most wins (8) of the League Cup trophy.

The English Football League Cup, commonly known as the League Cup or EFL Cup, is an English football knock-out competition. Unlike the FA Cup where hundreds of teams can enter, only 92 clubs can enter the EFL Cup - the 20 clubs of the Premier League, and the 72 clubs of The Football League, which organises the competition. Also unlike the FA Cup, the semi-finals are played over two legs.

The winners of the competition qualify for the UEFA Europa League - that is if they have not qualified for European competition through the Premier League or by winning the FA Cup. If this occurs, then the Europa League berth goes to the highest-placed team from the Premier League not already qualified for Europe. Since 1982, the League Cup has been named after its sponsor, giving it the following names:

Fun Fact: Spurs' Clive Allen recorded the most League Cup goals in one season - 12 (1986/'87)

Milk Cup (1982 to 1986)
Littlewoods Challenge Cup (1986 to 1990)
Rumbelows Cup (1990 to 1992)
Coca-Cola Cup (1992 to 1998)
Worthington Cup (1998 to 2003)
Carling Cup (2003 to 2012)
Capital One Cup (2012 to 2016)
EFL Cup (No Sponsor) (2016/'17)
Carabao Cup (2017-)

Three different trophies have been presented to the winners of the League Cup since its inauguration: The original trophy which is currently given to the winners. The trophy presented from the first season of the Milk Marketing Board sponsoring the competition, 1981–82 to 1985–86 replaced the original trophy for that period, as did the trophy presented from 1986–87 until 1989–90 during Littlewoods' sponsorship of the competition. Source: Wikipedia

The Milk Cup (left) and Littlewoods Cup (right)

EFL Cup 1:1

FA Cup Replica Trophy 1:1 - Silver Plate

EFL Cup Subbuteo

FA Cup Corinthians 10" Replica Trophy - Plastic

The League Cup trophy is Copyright ©1960 - Present The Football League Ltd.

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