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What am I buying?

Polyresin/Gypsum painted with enamel or electro plated with nickel.

Polyresin and Gypsum can make good display trophies if done correctly and are usually cheaper than a brass/metal equivalent, and with no polishing or little cleaning required, they are almost maintenance free.


The downsides though are many. The main one is that these materials are easily breakable, and once broken cannot be mended. Quality is also a major issue as it is often very inconsistent. The trophy looks impressive in the photos when buying, but the one you end up receiving is full of imperfections. You will also find that any font or text that features on resin trophies is usually very badly replicated and extremely poor quality. Even though these resin trophies are cheaper than their metal equivalents, they still end up costing hundreds of Euro due to the shipping costs from China and the inevitable customs duty and VAT charges. In terms of re-sale value, resin replicas are practically worthless so this is worth bearing in mind before you run up a big bill importing one in. Many resin trophies look like toys, so they are probably most suited to older kids or the casual collector.


These type of trophies are strictly display pieces, and even more so than metal trophies they need to be kept in a secure display cabinet, away from any possibility of breakage.

Usage suitable for?
  • As a Collectors display piece (preferably in a glass cabinet). 

Usage not suitable for?
  • Handling of any sort or any event/public event/social occasion that would involve same. 

  • As a team presentation trophy.

  • As a toy for a younger child.​

  • Always keep the trophy displayed in a glass cabinet away from dust. 

  • Always keep the trophy out of direct sunlight. 

  • Always handle the trophy with great care, preferably with special handling gloves. 

  • Always dust the trophy with a soft dusting cloth.

  • Remember resin/gypsum breaks easily.​

  • Never display the trophy in direct sunlight.

  • Try not to allow the trophy to be handled without handling gloves.

  • Always endeavor to keep fingerprints away from the trophy - the natural oils in our skin will leave unpleasant smudge marks on the trophy surface.

  • Never clean the trophy with chemicals or detergents of any sort.

  • Never dust or clean the trophy with an abrasive cloth - do not use microfiber cloths.

  • Never use the cup to store anything, especially coins.​

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