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What am I buying?

Plated metal trophies are made from Nickel plated brass. Nickel is maintenance free and doesn't tarnish. All of the current trophies that are available to buy are made from Nickel plated brass.


Some older or very early version trophies would have been made from Silver plated brass. Silver plated trophies usually have a protective anti-tarnish lacquer coating, which negates the need for polishing. Trophies without this coating would usually tarnish and would require regular polishing.

When purchasing a replica trophy, please bear in mind what you are buying here. You are not buying a bona fide sterling silver trophy, you're buying a brass replica plated in Nickel. As such it is designed as a display piece only. Common sense should tell you that plated brass will not withstand anywhere near the same level of wear as real silver. Over-handling or constant handling of a trophy like this will result in (1) having to constantly clean the cup and (2) in the case of non-lacquered silver plate, having to constantly polish the cup, leading to the plating wearing away over time. If you have an older lacquered Silver plated trophy, constant cleaning will also lead to the anti-tarnish protection layer eventually wearing away over time. 

In short, these trophies are designed to sit in a glass cabinet or on a shelf, nothing more. Even when handled they should always be handled with silver handling gloves to avoid fingerprints - the natural oils in our skin leave unpleasant marks on silverware. Any other public use of the trophy, like down at the pub with your mates, at your local sports day or fundraising for a charity is at your own peril but is not advised.

Usage suitable for?
  • As a collectors display piece (preferably in a glass cabinet).

  • These trophies are designed as showpieces only. They are not designed for any sort of robust use.  

Usage not suitable for?
  • Excessive handling or any public event/social occasion that would involve same.

  • As a team presentation trophy.

  • Any rough play or horseplay.

  • Always keep the trophy displayed in a glass cabinet away from dust. 

  • Always keep the trophy out of direct sunlight. 

  • Always handle the trophy with special silver handling gloves. 

  • Always dust the trophy with a soft dusting cloth.

  • Always store the trophy in a room temperature setting.

  • Always carry the cup by holding both handles.

  • For trophies that come with a separate base, always separate the trophy from the base before lifting/handling. 

  • Never display the trophy in direct sunlight.

  • Do not allow the trophy to be handled without special silver handling gloves.

  • Always endeavor to keep fingerprints away from the trophy - the natural oils in our skin leave unpleasant marks on silverware.

  • Never clean the trophy with chemicals or detergents of any sort.

  • Never dust or clean the trophy with an abrasive cloth - do not use microfiber cloths.

  • Never use the cup to store anything, especially coins.

  • Never add/drink alcohol to/from the cup.

  • Never sit a child or animal in the cup.

  • Never store the cup in damp, cold settings or in overly warm, humid settings.

  • Never carry a cup by one handle.

  • Never lift a trophy that is still connected to it's wooden base high in to the air.

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