GAA Trophies

I have both senior All-Ireland GAA championship trophies in my collection, the Sam Maguire All-Ireland Football Championship replica and the Liam MacCarthy All-Ireland Hurling Championship replica. These trophies are the most recognisable trophies in Irish sport and the reward for the winners of each of Ireland's national sports. I have both replicas in full 1:1 size (2010) and half size (2013). Made from high quality silver plated brass. Very rare and stunning replicas.

​Click on the links below to view the replicas and also some history on both of the cups.

Sam Maguire

GAA All-Ireland Football Championship Trophy 1:1 Silver Plate

Sam Maguire Mini

GAA All-Ireland Football Championship Trophy 25cm Silver Plate

Liam MacCarthy Cup

Liam MacCarthy

GAA All-Ireland Hurling Championship Trophy 1:1 Silver Plate

Liam MacCarthy Mini

GAA All-Ireland Hurling Championship Trophy 19cm Silver Plate

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