Smallest Replica Trophy in the World

This 1.5mm micro sculpture world cup, made from a speck of gold, is surely the smallest replica trophy in the world. Willard Wigan, 44, spent three weeks working on the 1.5mm bit of 24 carat gold, using a tiny diamond chisel to cut it into the shape of the famous trophy. The result is a stunning work of art so small it can stand on the end of a nail and a microscope is needed to see it in full detail. Previous Willard Wigan micro sculptures have sold for £100,000, but some have ended up lost -- he dropped three of the tiny World Cup sculptures before completing this one. Stunning, but must be painfully tedious to make one of these. And pricey, especially for something that you could lose in

Masters Golf Trophy Replica

I came across this article from last week on - $140,000 asking price for this scaled up replica of the Masters Trophy, which is currently being sold by a private collector. I love replica trophies, but I can think of a thousand things to do with $140k before I'd spend it on a trophy! One for the millionaire collectors of the world. Masters Golf Replica Trophy

John Terry's Trophy Collection

Came across an old article (Sept 2009) in the Daily Mail during my recent online travels. It's based on a Sky Sports interview with Chelsea's John Terry at his home, mainly Terry still crying about his penalty miss in Moscow. More interestingly it's quite a private museum Terry has got there, which includes replicas of the FA Premier League, FA Cup and Carling Cup trophies, and of course the medals he's won. I wonder where he sourced them?! If they're official replicas, which they probably are, they would certainly have burnt a pretty big hole in his pocket.... Good job UEFA they don't award medals for clubs knocked out at the semi-finals stage. If they did he'd have to build an extension! S

New FIFA World Cup Replica

I recently acquired another FIFA World Cup trophy for my own collection. I imported this rare one from Germany, made by fussballgong. It's probably the best replica of the lot so far. Genuinely full 1:1 size (unlike others which are slightly short of full size) it's a cracking replica. The only draw back is that it has to be handled with kid gloves as it's made from a type of gypsum, meaning it will chip, crack or mark very easily. One for the glass cabinet! I will add a full set of pictures to the site soon. FIFA World Cup replica

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