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Welcome to my online showcase of my replica trophy collection. I am a private collector of replica sports trophies, medals and awards with my main interest being football. I set up this website in September 2010 to catalogue my collection and to help out other like minded collectors, following 6 years of trading memorabilia from my own collections on eBay and other online platforms.


As a kid I started collecting the miniature replicas that Subbuteo used to manufacture, and I've continued right up to the present day where I mainly collect full 1:1 size replica trophies and also quality scale replica trophies.


I have made many great contacts down through the years in the football memorabilia collector's scene, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries on anything you see (or don't see!) on the site, I would be only too happy to help.

From time to time I sell on part of my collection, usually to make room for something new or better, or to move on any duplicates, so keep an eye out for stuff that I'm selling on. To access the Members Area you will need to register and await authorisation - please be patient as I only run this site as a hobby.

I am also an avid collector of retro football shirts and boxing/UFC memorabilia. I hope to add a Retro Shirt section to the site at some stage in the future.

Enjoy your visit!


Corporate/Business Inquiries

Please Note: As I get a lot of these queries, it's worth mentioning that none of the trophies in my personal collection are available for hire. I cannot provide any trophy by volume or in multiple quantities, and I do not wholesale any trophies for re-sale. I receive a lot of inquiries along these lines, so to save everyone's time please do not contact me asking for hire or wholesale as I cannot help you. Thanks!

Do you have a trophy or medal for sale?

If you are a fellow collector and have a replica football trophy or medal for sale, please get in contact as I may be interested. I am also interested in boxing and UFC replica belts. Similarly if you are looking for a particular trophy please don't hesitate to contact me, if I can help in advising or locating one for you I will.

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