UEFA Euro 2012

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This GIANT replica of the UEFA European Championship trophy took centre stage during the closing cermony of the tournament in Kiev. Possibly the biggest replica ever made?!

More Fan Efforts

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Most of these are from the FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP in South Africa. Some Decent efforts I think you'll agree!

Chelsea Cup Damage "Accidental"

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Chelsea are confident damage to a replica Champions League trophy was accidental.

Members of night-shift security staff posed with the European Cup, similar to that won by the Blues in Munich last month, at Stamford Bridge for personal photographs, during which time one of the handles came away.

Chelsea had been passing the trophy around departments during the week for the 400-strong staff to have photos taken.

The club have conducted an internal investigation, with reports suggesting staff had been suspended over the course of that process, and now consider the matter closed.

A club spokesman said: "The trophy was accidentally damaged while pictures were being taken.

"It was minor damage and has already been repaired. We don't make comment on staff matters."

You'd wonder about the quality of such an expensive trophy if the handles can break so easily....!

Source: ITV Sport

More Microscopic Genius!

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Vladimir Aniskin is one of the few people in the world who can create microscopic artworks so tiny they fit on half a poppy seed.

The 33-year-old scientist, who works at the Syberian branch of the Russian Academy of Science, in Tyumen, has been practicing microminiature art since 1998, and devotes several months to completing a single piece. Over the years, he has learned to work in between heartbeats, which gives him about half a second to do a controlled movement before his hand shakes. “While working I hold my creation in my fingers. Even one’s heartbeat disturbs such minute work, so particularly delicate work has to be done between heartbeats.” Vladimir says.

His miniature masterpieces are created using powerful microscopes and a set of tools he himself designed, and to fully appreciate the fine detail of his art, one also needs a microscope. That’s because some of his works are measured in microns.

The photo doesn’t do Vladimir Aniskin’s work justice, but if you’re ever in St. Petersburg, you can admire 80 of his microscopic wonders at the first Russian museum of micro-miniatures – The Russian Lefty.


Source: Odditycentral

John Terry's Trophy Collection

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Came across an old article (Sept 2009) in the Daily Mail during my recent online travels. It's based on a Sky Sports interview with Chelsea's John Terry at his home, mainly Terry still crying about his penalty miss in Moscow. More interestingly it's quite a private museum Terry has got there, which includes replicas of the FA Premier League, FA Cup and Carling Cup trophies, and of course the few medals he's won. I wonder where he sourced them?! If they're official replicas, which they probably are, they would certainly have burnt a pretty big hole in his pocket....

Good job UEFA they don't award medals for clubs knocked out at the semi-finals stage. If they did he'd have to build an extension.

Source: Daily Mail

John Terry, Replica Trophies